Quick Sketch

Packing, unpacking and re-packing… repeat. This is the main event in our household at the moment as The Squirrel is set to leave on Sunday.

He’s had his jabs and lovely cholera drinks, he’s reorganised his camera equipment and his first aid kit a hundred times and he’s packed his teddy. He’s bound to have forgotten something, but I think his luggage has had as much attention as it is possible to give. The flight has been changed twice now, and with a very quick change at Addis Ababa, I’ll just be very pleased if both he and his luggage arrive safely in Lilongwe at the scheduled time. I’ve convinced him to write a blog about his trip; nothing ever works in Malawi and there’s bound to be a few interesting adventures, and plenty of beautiful photography too. If you want to see what he’s up to visit here. Lets just hope he has enough electricity and internet connection to keep it going (and to skype me!)

Meanwhile, the direct payments system has enabled me to employ 3 carers to cover the time he is away. It’s going to be different and rather lonely, but hey ho – I’ll be reet! Maybe I’ll enjoy being a single lady..? Or perhaps I’ll just be a sad, crazy cat lady… who knows! Either way, my story is coming along and will be posted soon, I promise!

All for now Mx


Still here, still scribbling..


Sorry for the short absence, it’s been a rather strange week. Starting off very hectic and then coming to a complete standstill. I’ve been trying out a new drug; a nerve painkiller, and it turned me into a bit of a zombie. It’s one of those that has an incredible list of possible side effects, enough to put anyone off, but the hope of it relieving at least some of my pains meant I was willing to give it a go. When I started losing the ability to swallow and having breathing difficulties, I quickly decided that it’s not for me! I’m still very dizzy and sleepy, but hopefully that’ll wear off over the next few days.

Anyway! I haven’t been totally idle. I’ve been able to get a few drawings done and I’ll update my sketchbook shortly. As you know, I’m new to this blogging malarkey and one of the things I’m enjoying the most is seeing what others are up to. It’s been really nice to engage and learn from so many talented individuals. I’ve decided to evolve and add another page to my blog. This has been partly inspired by drawsy, who started an interesting illustration blog-project at a similar time to myself (check it out!), and partly because – well, why not!? It’s going to house children’s stories, both written and illustrated by yours truly. I’m not sure whether these stories will be appearing all in one post, it’s more likely that I’ll do a few pages at a time and you’ll have to keep popping back to read the next part. I’ve got some ideas for the first one and I’ve done a few scribblings and preliminary sketches (see pics below). I won’t tell you too much about it now – you’ll have to wait and see how it develops over the coming weeks..

All for now, have a good week fellow bloggers & thanks for stopping by. Mx