Post story blues!

I’m a bit lost.. what to do now??  But on the plus side, this heat wave has finally arrived. I’ve taken my table out into the garden to sketch, and it’s been lovely. This is what appeared on my paper today…mossy woods pencilSketch (2)

So it’s not easy to see, but you get the idea. Just a rough pencil sketch of a mouse and a hare in a damp, mossy woodland..

mossy woods dev
Having redrawn the picture in pen, editing out the pencil lines that added little, I set out with the watercolours. The fun bit.

mossy woods

Et voila! Aside from having to dodge the odd cricket ball, (The Squirrel and Elfy have been enjoying the sunshine too) it’s been a very pleasant day and I’m in need of a little aftersun. And a new project! Mx


4 thoughts on “Post story blues!

    1. I don’t remember oranges but i do remember a little scrap of paper that I scribbles dogs on when i was about 5, it was stuck above your dressing table… think i’ve improved since then!Mx


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