Henry Goes Missing Part 3

20Here’s the latest part to the story – enjoy, I know you’ve all been trembling with excitement! Part 4 will duely appear tomorrow and then there’s only one more installment left *weep!* Does anyone know anything about copyright? Or rules applied to using my images? I’m not sure what I should be doing on this front and I keep being warned that my pictures will appear elsewhere and be claimed as someone else’s work.. Any thoughts? Mx


5 thoughts on “Henry Goes Missing Part 3

  1. Your work is really lovely!
    I don’t really know about copyright. All I do, is to resize the pictures and make them smaller. (less pixels). So they still looks good on your blog, but is pixelated if someone wants to use and enlarge it.


  2. I’m not sure about tge UK but in Australia anything you publish is automatically copyright , whether you put a mark on it or not – I would assume that it is similar over there. Check your patent office website that should say. Sadly this doesn’t stop the rip-off merchants.
    As butterflyhands says keeping your images low res is one way, but perhaps you should seriously consider professional publishing or self publishing to get your work out there first. In future you should consider only posting a sample rather than the whole thing.


    1. Thanks for this, I’ll have to do a google and find out more about rules in the UK. Not sure I’m ready to publish publish yet, I don’t feel ‘qualified’ (?). Posting a sample is a good idea or as butterflyhands suggested, keeping the images low res. Bit sad though, I like sharing and it kind of defeats the object when people can’t see! Still, I guess it’s better than the alternative. Things to ponder for future images! Mx


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