Summer of painting..

Yes folks, mid-summer’s day has been and gone. The days are getting shorter and the countdown to winter starts here.. Grim, right? But for now, the garden is full of flowers and painting beside the pond is a joy.. when it’s not raining! Hopefully there are plenty more days of sunshine before then, and in the meantime I intend to enjoy those! Once again, I apologise for my prolonged absence, but I have been busy painting and drawing, and I have many pictures to share with you over the coming weeks. Amongst other things, I have very nearly completed a story which will be posted once I’ve done the final editing. Never written or illustrated a full story before, so it’s been a challenge! I’ll tell you more about it in due course. I enjoyed doing it though, and I think I’ll write a few more stories in a little series called “The Tales of Pepperly Wood”. Pepperly wood is local to me, and it sounds like a nice place for little animals to get up to mischief. I can already feel the next story brewing! Once I do get this first one up, any comments and advice would be appreciated as always. It really would be very helpful to get some feedback. Here’s a sneaky peek! Below are a few illustrations from the first story..

In other news; when I last posted, the Squirrel had left me in North Yorkshire and was camping in Liwonde National Park, Malawi, conducting bat research. It was a quick decision for him to go, and finding carers to enable me to live independently was tricky. But I have to say, social services were on the ball with the Direct Payments Scheme, and I did indeed find three lovely ladies to help me. So going solo wasn’t so bad after all! It was a bit lonely, particularly as my car, which I drive from my wheelchair, spent most of the time in different garages. But otherwise, despite the doubts, it was fine. Three months in, and having been asked to stay on for a further year to manage the batty project, the Squirrel returned early due to a particularly persistent case of malaria. After three courses of treatment, he’d decided that he’d had quite enough of Africa for now. So for the moment, all is back to normal in our little home. Hope all you fellow bloggers are having a good weekend. Mx


5 thoughts on “Summer of painting..

    1. Thank you for stopping by – and for your lovely comment. I credit my mother for my creativity. And I also have a lot of time on my hands to let my mind dift.. Or maybe it’s just the morphine?! Either way – thank you!Mx


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