relocating my drawing mojo..

Any tips? I’m sitting at my desk with blank paper and pen in hand, and nothing’s happening. I guess I’m missing that pesky squirrel, and its only been a week. Just 185 days to go until he’s home, not that I’m counting…

Otherwise, all is working out well with me and the squirrel is fine too. He arrived at camp after a very long journey, and seems to be settling into his tent just fine. Stories of sun-downers (drinks at sunset) on a river bank surrounded by elephants are making me very jealous! He’s been trapping bats at night and doing vegetation surveys and cataloguing insects during the day.

Hopefully this week I’ll find my drawing mojo and get posting lots of interesting snippets, but for the time being you’ll have to make to with an old picture or two. I had the illustrations below printed into birthday and thankyou cards using sixprint. There was a minor hiccup, but they were really helpful and did a good job, so I’d recommend them if you’re wanting to find a company that’ll do a good quality print of your work.


One thought on “relocating my drawing mojo..

  1. michelle with all the double letters! it’s spring and it’s nice, who cares about elephants when rats and hedgehogs can be so sweet? get that mojo back here, and start playing again! i miss your funny stuff. and your absence makes me procrastinate too 😀

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