Busy, busy, busy!

Once again I apologise very much for not keeping up with posts, it has been an incredibly busy few weeks. Firstly, we had a week of family and friends gathering for my grandfather’s funeral. A difficult time, but also celebratory for an amazing life well lived.And lovely to see so many familiar old faces.

Unlike Black Cat who adore any extra attention, Penny did not enjoy having people staying and spent most of the time mooching on the staircase or napping in the upstairs bedroom.
Unlike Black Cat who adores any extra attention, Penny did not enjoy having people staying and spent most of the time mooching on the staircase or napping in the upstairs bedroom.

Alongside this, The Squirrel has gotten himself a new job! Many congrats to him, but I can’t help feeling incredibly kerfuffled. The position is for 6 months, possibly extending to a year, as a field assistant in Liwonde National Park carrying out research into bats. The painful bit is that this is 12000 miles away, in my home country, Malawi. It’ll be an incredible experience, working with Bristol University and African Bat Conservation. The job is literally perfect for him and I’m so pleased he’s doing it. But I am definitely jealous that he’s essentially going to be on safari for 6 months… jammy! It’s a very quick turn around, he’s leaving in just 2 weeks time. So we have been frantically trying to sort out the hundred and one things that need doing before he leaves; rabies vaccines, travel insurance, bat detectors and other gadgets, and all the while we’re trying to avoid thinking about being apart for so long; it’s going to be a wrench! I’ve also been trying to employ carers to work for the period that he’s away, which is never an easy task. So like I said, its been a busy few weeks!

I have however, been continuing to illustrate my children’s story, which I am now about half way through (ish!). I know you’ll all be trembling with excitement to see, but alas you’ll have to wait a little longer..


Still here, still scribbling..


Sorry for the short absence, it’s been a rather strange week. Starting off very hectic and then coming to a complete standstill. I’ve been trying out a new drug; a nerve painkiller, and it turned me into a bit of a zombie. It’s one of those that has an incredible list of possible side effects, enough to put anyone off, but the hope of it relieving at least some of my pains meant I was willing to give it a go. When I started losing the ability to swallow and having breathing difficulties, I quickly decided that it’s not for me! I’m still very dizzy and sleepy, but hopefully that’ll wear off over the next few days.

Anyway! I haven’t been totally idle. I’ve been able to get a few drawings done and I’ll update my sketchbook shortly. As you know, I’m new to this blogging malarkey and one of the things I’m enjoying the most is seeing what others are up to. It’s been really nice to engage and learn from so many talented individuals. I’ve decided to evolve and add another page to my blog. This has been partly inspired by drawsy, who started an interesting illustration blog-project at a similar time to myself (check it out!), and partly because – well, why not!? It’s going to house children’s stories, both written and illustrated by yours truly. I’m not sure whether these stories will be appearing all in one post, it’s more likely that I’ll do a few pages at a time and you’ll have to keep popping back to read the next part. I’ve got some ideas for the first one and I’ve done a few scribblings and preliminary sketches (see pics below). I won’t tell you too much about it now – you’ll have to wait and see how it develops over the coming weeks..

All for now, have a good week fellow bloggers & thanks for stopping by. Mx