Getting Past The First Post

Hello, and welcome to my blog. This being my first ever post, I thought I’d keep it simple and introductory. I’m Michelle, I’m 26 and I spend my days drawing, painting and making all kinds of things. I’ve always had a sketchbook on the go, and I’m lucky to now have a room fully devoted to my creative urges. Actually, it’s more like a little wooden cabin at the bottom of my garden, well-lit and perfectly positioned for me to watch the dragonflies ‘do battle’ amidst the tall grasses surrounding the pond. A little place where I can lose myself in my paintings with nothing (bar the odd sleepy feline) to distract me. I haven’t always had the time or space to paint; the cabin is a recent addition and still needs a lot of organising! But not too much, I like messy, scruffy work areas! My health has deteriorated in recent years and I am rarely well enough to leave the house. Whilst this has unfortunately halted life in many respects, it has granted me with the time to do more artwork than just fitting in the odd commission once in a blue moon.

Writing a blog is always an idea that I’ve turned over and over in my head. And now seems like a good time to start one, so along with many other people beginning New Years’ resolutions, I too am giving it a go. Hopefully it’ll last longer than some of my resolutions of previous years! I’m quite a ‘people person’ and as I don’t get to see many people these days, writing a blog now seems like a good way to connect with an online community of fellow bloggers and creative alike. Most of my blogging will be on illustration; with lots of pictures I’ll keep you up to date with my projects and other activities. I’ll also probably include some more general interest posts on food, felting, knitting, crochet etc – I may even share a few tutorials and recipes.. But let’s not get too carried away with ourselves! I’ll aim to post around once a week, however, I’m new to the blogging world so it may be a bit of a stuttering start as I learn all things ‘bloggy’. So be kind to me! Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be a pro, but for now… well let’s just see how it goes. I do hope you’ll find something of interest to you – please feel free to leave a comment, follow or just get in touch.


7 thoughts on “Getting Past The First Post

    1. I’ve started writing children’s stories, the latest has a mouse called Pipsi.. My notebook fettish is coming in handy, I’ve had to get over the sadness it brings me to start ‘dirtying’ a nice clean book!


    1. Hi Leonie
      Thanks for the warm welcome! I really enjoyed looking through your blog; it’s so nice to see what others are doing. You’ve inspired me to get drawing, so im off to settle in front of the big bash with a sketchbook and a cuppa. Best wishes Mx


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