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So I still need a new project, any thoughts or requests? Mx


Le Tour…


So the Tour de France started this weekend in Utrecht. Carlton Kirby – I’ve missed you! I made the mistake of drawing a picture for The Squirrel of the Milk Race in Nottingham, and now it seems the start of each cycling event has to be marked in a similar fashion. Chapeau to all those taking part! In my picture the rabbit wears the sprinters’ jersey, naturally the squirrel has the climbers’ polka dot jersey and the mouse is the overall leader in the maillot jaune (yellow jersey). So with The Squirrel glued to the box for the next 3 weeks, I will have to hide the remote on Wednesday when the Ashes begins or else a savage fight for TV rights may ensue! Have a good week fellow bloggers. Mx

Post story blues!

I’m a bit lost.. what to do now??  But on the plus side, this heat wave has finally arrived. I’ve taken my table out into the garden to sketch, and it’s been lovely. This is what appeared on my paper today…mossy woods pencilSketch (2)

So it’s not easy to see, but you get the idea. Just a rough pencil sketch of a mouse and a hare in a damp, mossy woodland..

mossy woods dev
Having redrawn the picture in pen, editing out the pencil lines that added little, I set out with the watercolours. The fun bit.

mossy woods

Et voila! Aside from having to dodge the odd cricket ball, (The Squirrel and Elfy have been enjoying the sunshine too) it’s been a very pleasant day and I’m in need of a little aftersun. And a new project! Mx

Henry Goes Missing Part 3

20Here’s the latest part to the story – enjoy, I know you’ve all been trembling with excitement! Part 4 will duely appear tomorrow and then there’s only one more installment left *weep!* Does anyone know anything about copyright? Or rules applied to using my images? I’m not sure what I should be doing on this front and I keep being warned that my pictures will appear elsewhere and be claimed as someone else’s work.. Any thoughts? Mx